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 J.A.F. is gone, S.F.I. Flasher is ready for free beta testing

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PostSubject: J.A.F. is gone, S.F.I. Flasher is ready for free beta testing   Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:13 pm

JAF is gone, S.F.I. Flasher is ready, free beta testing until 31.12.2010
SFI Setup 0.14.0b

- fix imei error

New in this release:
- added PM erase and write
- free factory reset to reset user code


links for download, if one not work, just try the next one...





fileserve.com 3rRY4MH

File size: 33.4MB

S.F.I. Flasher is our new flasher after J.A.F.
The home page and support forum of S.F.I. Flasher is www.sfiflasher.ro

please go to http://register.sfiflasher.ro and enter your details, you must enter a valid email address, because the license will be mailed to you. The activation takes 24 hours so please be patient.

For a free beta licence you must provide us:
- name
- valid email adress because activation licence will be sent to your mail
- country
- hardware id

To find out your hardware id, you have to download the software, connect a phone, press the "connect" button on the software. The software will open, go to "support" tab and read the hardware id. Licence will be generated latest 24 hours after getting your details.

Your feedback is needed, please post logs and suggestions, whatever you like or don't like so the coder can read and improve it. This is for now just a flasher, UNLOCK IS NOT SUPPORTED YET the coder is still working on it.

Fbus flashing is also supported, but you have to update your old J.A.F. box with the firmware provided by us and using OUR UPDATER !!! I will make a manual for this, i was just not prepared for this release so give me please one day to finish this and put it online.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Questions about S.F.I. flasher posted in gsmcity/gsmosting will be not answered and not considered!!! You can post in this forum, but also in www.sfiflasher.ro forum.

Please help me translate this post in Chinese, Spanish, Portughese, French and Greek and Russian language. Thank you !!!
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J.A.F. is gone, S.F.I. Flasher is ready for free beta testing
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